Interview with @LordAedonis

By: Harambe

I caught up with @LordAedonis , one of the more outspoken members of the burgeoning Hotep Movement that is slowly taking hold in the Black Community, and got the chance to ask him some questions. But before we get to the interview, a short intro to Hotep.

If you aren’t familiar with Hotep. You might not be alone. Ultimately, its about knowledge, responsibility, and self reliance with in the black community itself,  Here are the core beliefs that Hotep goes by, i.e. “Hotep 10 Commandments”.

1. I am independent and self-sufficient
2. I am not one for excuses
3. I am eating to live not living to eat
4. I am completely and totally present
5. I am an explorer of my soul
6. I am a speaker of joy and short with my tongue
7. I am a speaker of truth
8. I am a servant to the elderly and youth
9. I am a servant to my community
10. I am a master of law and finance

Instead of trying to describe it myself, I’m going to let the expert speak.

So on to the interview.

HarambeUnderground: Why do you think that the Hotep Movement has seen such a recent increase in popularity?

LordAedonis: I think it’s partly because of the increase of slander that we get from Black Twitter and Black media, “ashy hotep” has become a common insult and it’s at the point where pretty much anyone who is saying something that doesn’t go with the typical black hivemind is labeled a Hotep. I’ve seen people who are adamantly against the Hotep movement being called a Hotep by people who have a different opinion from theirs, it’s funny to me sometimes. The fact that most of it is the typical buzzword slander you’ll find from the left “misogynist, homphobic, sexist” and all that other stuff, but when you follow us you see that’s not what we’re really about is another thing that I think is a big contributor to our growing popularity.

HarambeUnderground: What is the ultimate endgame for the Hotep Movement?

LordAedonis: To wake people up. To make people realize that this victimized “reality” that has been shoved down our throats isn’t actually the way to life. To make people realize that yes, there are problems and issues in this country that need to be addressed, but the ways they are being addressed aren’t working. We’ve been marching and protesting for years and it’s done very little, boycotts have always been effective. We tell people boycotting and hitting peoples’ wallets is the effective way to fight back, and we get slandered and accused of running a pyramid scheme (but we don’t receive any money for boycotting so I don’t see how that could ever be the case). We live as Victors, not victims, and going around feeling inferior or feeling like everyone else thinks you’re inferior because of your skin color is a disheartening way to live.

HarambeUnderground: There seems to be a lot of vitriol coming from “Black Twitter” towards the Hotep movement, why do you think this is?

LordAedonis: “They hate us cuz they aint us” is a term I like to use to describe it, but it’s sort of true. A lot of it usually comes from the type of people who should listen to us most – the ones who dwell in victimhood, the ones who live in idealistic oppression. People tend to look at situations from emotionally based standpoints, and when we inject logic into the argument we’re usually met with hate. Emotional appeal tends to be a stronger appeal than logic nowadays, which has shown to be a strong contributor to BlackLiesMatter’s influence (and yes I meant to say ‘Lies’). They usually tend to hate the way we say things and not what it is that we’re actually saying, which is interesting in itself.

HarambeUnderground: What do you thing is the largest single threat to the black community in the US right now?

LordAedonis: Hmm… this is a hard one. Hillary Clinton is up there, but so is BlackLiesMatter and the victim mindset that they’re feeding to our people. Overall, I think Victim Mentality and Hivemind Collectivism are the two biggest threats to the BC right now, two tactics that BLM and its supporters employ well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told by irrelevant people how I’m a “disgrace to the black community” and how I’m “no longer black” along with a host of other bullshit along those lines. Blacks are so quick to shun and boot you from the black community when you don’t agree with the victimized hivemind, especially on Twitter. I’ve been living it since I started actively supporting Trump, same thing has been happening to handymayhem and it happened to Quatterius too. As of right now if you’re a black trump supporter or a Hotep, you have a 8/10 chance of immediately being shunned by Black Twitter/Media – and the sad part is I don’t think a lot of them don’t pay too much attention to politics past what they see on Twitter.

HarambeUnderground: What are your thoughts on the recent events in Dallas, and Baton Rouge? Re: Sterling shooting, and the police killings.

LordAedonis: I’ve said from the beginning I didn’t necessarily agree w/ Sterling’s killing, to this day I still haven’t seen a video that showed him having a gun in his hand. I’ve seen pictures that showed the officer having control of his right hand, and from comparing it to the video it looked to be right around when he finally got shot. Technically yes, he was “resisting arrest” but I don’t think he should have died for it. This is all coming from me separating logic from emotion in terms of the situation too, because due to my understanding of certain things in his criminal history I feel like it’s sort of a moral breech to defend him even that much. As for the police shootings, I don’t agree w/ that at all. Putting my personal feelings about police aside, at the end of the day they’re still people. Yes there are some racist cops on the force, but I wouldn’t blame an entire group for the private beliefs of some of its members, and I believe attacking them is the worst way to go about it. People scream how they don’t want militarized police, but are ok with and even cheer the attacking of them like that won’t end up being the end result.

HarambeUnderground: What are your views on the Black Lives Matter movement?

LordAedonis: I’ve done a few blog posts on them, not a fan at all. I think they’re a sham, and many of its supporters don’t even know that its funded by Soros or used to cause disruption. They shut down Pride rallies, block highways, march and yell chants about “frying pigs like bacon” and expect people to look at them with sympathy. They push this victim mentality on everyone they can and with people’s tendencies to live in the past (and considering how much of the oppression our ancestors faced is forced down our throats, but rarely any of the successes) it seems to be very effective. They also want to “disrupt the western nuclear family structure” and “raise children as ‘villages’ with parents, mothers and parents” and neither of those sound very supportive of me and my views at all. 

HarambeUnderground: Trump or Hillary?

LordAedonis: Well Hillary is the human (I think she’s human anyway) form of Baphomet so I think that answers that question. She’s a sociopath, I can tell but she’s a lot better at faking being around people she clearly doesn’t like than I am. I’ve pointed out in a few pictures of her talking to people campaigning instances where she clearly doesn’t want to be bothered talking to the people she’s talking to, but that’s one in a list of many transgressions I have against her. Her treatment towards the black community, her tendency to flip flop on issues when they suit her most, the fact that she has a suspicious death list surrounding her… there’s too many things to count. At the end of the day it’ll come down to who has more influence over the electoral college, and with the people in Hitlery’s corner she might unfortunately be able to pull it off…. but I hope not.

BIG thanks to @lordaedonis for taking time to answer the questions. You can follow him on Twitter @lordaedonis. And you can follow Harambe Underground @undertheharambe.



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